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ROB FORD & the Evolution of Facebook

Apr 01, 2013

The mere mention of these words brings a joy to Chimp Phil’s face that would put any kid on Christmas morning to shame. I am sure any of Phil’s Facebook friends can attest that their knowledge of the embattled Toronto Mayor’s ongoing drug scandal is exemplary at worst.

But what does Rob Ford have to do with Facebook you ask? Well for one, including his name is just plain and simple, great SEO…gotcha! But he does serve a point to illustrate what Facebook has become and over the next ummm… lets just say to be determined number of posts in our Evolution of Facebook series we will explore how it arrived there and where it is going in the future.

Facebook began as a photo sharing, people creeping, online popularity contest. The mere fact that there was a prominent counter on the top of each users wall that showed the number of posts they had received confirmed this fact. Millions of girls created secret posting alliances driving each others post counts up and providing unquestionable hard evidence that they were in fact more popular and important then their male counterparts.

Then came THE NEWS FEED…

To be continued.


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